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The MISSION of Cold Cap Advocacy Denver is to enhance women’s lives by educating on how to identify breast cancer early and how to feel more normal during treatment using cold caps to save hair.

Our VISION: Saving Lives and Saving Hair.


  1. EDUCATE THE PUBLIC about the increased risk of breast cancer faced by women with dense breasts and the higher level of effectiveness of ultrasounds or MRI's in identifying cancer in dense tissue than 3D mammograms, as mammograms miss cancer in a dense breasted women 50% of the time;

  2. BUILD AWARENESS of cold capping as a way to save hair for women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer;

  3. SHARE LEARNINGS around what to expect when cold capping and suggestions for how to best care for your hair during the chemo and cold capping process; and

  4. PROVIDE TRAINING to women who choose to cold cap, along with their support system of "cappers", to help them prepare for capping and feel more comfortable with the process.

  5. CAPPING SERVICES  provide individuals to cap women during treatments.

Please browse the website further to learn about dense breast tissue, learn about cold capping, see the support services we offer, and find links to other websites with helpful information about dense breast tissue and cold capping. 

REMEMBER...Dense breasts?  Ultrasounds save lives!  Chemo? Cold caps save hair!

Marci Jenkins and Shannon Thackray

Co-Founders of Cold Cap Advocacy Denver

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