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Breast Surgeon

Get rid of the cancer cells

Your breast surgeon will explain the options you have - typically a lumpectomy or a mastectomy (one or both breasts) with or without reconstruction. They will leverage information from your diagnostic sessions to recommend the options you have but ultimately it is your decision as to the survey route you go.

That decision can be overwhleming because, if you are like Marci, you may just want someone to tell you what you should do... but remember that everything is your choice, every person is different, and you should take the route you FEEL is best for you so, so... gather as much info as you can or want to help you decide.


Also - Marci found it helpful to get a second opinion from another surgeon as well as talk to other cancer patients to understand how they determined their approach to surgery.  Marci is happy to share her approach with you as a piece of your information gathering.

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