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Cold Cap Guide for New Users:

Through Marci's experience with using Penguin Cold Caps, she created this guide to describe what to expect and share lessons learned and suggestions for women embarking on their chemo/cold capping journey:

Training on How to Use Penguin Cold Caps:

Sometimes, the process of learning about cold capping and how it works can be overwhelming.  Online instructions and videos are helpful but perhaps having someone who has done it before walk you through it would be especially useful.  We volunteer to talk with women considering cold capping, along with their family and friends who are going to support them during capping.  We can connect with you either via phone or, depending on location and availability, in person.  

Information covered during this free training includes:

  • An overview of how Penguin Cold Caps work and the equipment/supplies you'll need.

  • A demonstration of how to apply a Penguin Cold Cap correctly.

  • An overview of the timing and process for cooling the caps, applying caps during pre-cooling before chemo, applying caps during chemo, and continuing to cap after chemo.

  • Suggestions on hair care before, during and after your chemo treatments and capping.

(Note:  One of our favorite partners, Katie Geston at Cold Cap Therapy Colorado, also provides training on a volunteer basis.  You can find out more about the services Katie provide by visiting her website at She's wonderful!

Coming Soon:  Volunteers to help you cold cap during chemo

Our goal is to create a group of trained volunteers who can assist women with capping during their chemo treatments.  Sometimes, women don't have the local support system of friends and family available to help them with capping. In these situations, having a volunteer group who can step in and help is what we hope to provide.

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